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Canada/USA 2.9 cents

Thank you for your interest in DCI Telecom discount long distance service. As a leading alternative provider of consumer telecom services in Canada, DCI is registered with both the CRTC and Bell Canada as a class B carrier and reseller. We process 25,000+ calls every day and have over 15,000 customers. Founded in 1994, DCI Telecom has since grown into a full service telecom provider, bundling long distance, wireless, broadband, travel card, toll free, paging, cellular callback and high speed internet services in many markets. Our strategic partnerships and agreements with many national and international carriers, allow us to provide low cost, high quality access to more than 260 countries around the world.

Sample Rates

DCI does not offer hundreds of different rate plans designed to confuse consumers and increase company profits. We don't have any "Talk America", "Evenings and Weekends" or "Asia" plans with specials to ONE country and inflated rates to other destinations. You get our best price on every call, always billed in six-second increments (not full minutes), with a 30-second call minimum. We don't charge any access fees, maintenance fees, system fees, network fees, or monthly fees of any kind and our competitive cost structure, guarantees you great rates to every country in the world, every day of the week, weekday or weekend, morning, noon, or night.

DCI specializes in customized telecom solutions for small, medium, and large size businesses. You get a single easy to read invoice for all your communications needs, fraud protection, employee project codes, on-demand premium routing, and electronic or paper invoice. We also offer a no obligation invoice audit with detailed recommendations on how to reduce your long distance, calling card, 800 number, cellular and cellular roaming costs by up to 80%.

Simply send us a copy of your telecom invoice and we'll provide you with a cost analysis of how much money you overpay each month. Then we'll continue by suggesting comparable but significantly less expensive service offerings to help you reduce your telecom costs. All information provided to DCI is treated 100% confidential and destroyed after we present our audit results to you. This is a 100% free service and you are under no obligation to implement any of the suggestions we make.